Leesburg, VA – June 11

This morning I had a friend drive me into Washington DC to meet a prominent DC lobbyist about helping us get the Love Hope Strength “fight cancer” – ‘”saving lives once concert at a time” – message out to the USA on a wider scale. It was all very positive and the beginning of a journey that will hopefully lead to something really special.

Then the reality – well my reality, I wasn’t able to find a volunteer to run the ‘Get On The List‘ stem cell donor drive at the venue in Leesburg Va tonight. (One of our homeland campaigns is to get as many people to sign up for the International Bone Marrow Donor Registry to help potentially save people (like me), who may need a stem cell transplant one day. This is the frustrating part of my life, as I feel the loss keenly, especially when I hear that Love Hope Strength volunteers at Metallica’s ‘Orion Music and More’ Festival’ in Detroit signed up 301 souls (I just found out that we had to revise that  down to 300 as 1 of them was Canadian….doh!!).

This only highlights the need for more work to be done.

Onstage now and will write more tomorrow.

Stay Alive or at least try to

– Mike Peters

Big Country Tour Dates 

Be a Donor-Get On The List! Campaign 

Love Hope Strength 

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Love Hope Strength Video Trailer See the video here

Mike Peters appears at House of Commons for Marrow Drive to Celebrate Parliament Increasing Eligibility Requirements of Donors in the UK from 17-30 to 17-55 years of age BBC News

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