Solano Beach – June 19

We had a tour bus problem that needed to get fixed this morning. So it was a long drive to California, and the Belly Up in Solano Beach. I slept a lot of the way there, and got to speak with Jules and the kids over FaceTime. It’s crazy how much I miss my family, my boys, my wife. Dylan has been at the school’s sports day, he has also been awarded player’s player of the year at his football (soccer) club. Evan has been missing his Dad, and has been off school poorly. He has made a breakthrough playing his drums and can now play ‘The Beat’. This is the sacrifice I have to make to be here. These boys are my reason for living, for staying alive, for living with cancer. It’s great to be alive, but hell to be away from them, especially when you ‘know’ that these are the moments that you can’t get back. I have to work hard to suppress the thoughts and feelings of running home.
These are the feelings that Stuart Adamson must have found so difficult to deal with. When the success and the hard work of touring came Big Country’s way, back when I first met the band in 1983. Unlike myself, Jim Kerr, Mike Scott, Bono, and almost every single one of my contemporaries of those times– Stuart was a father, and was aware of the responsibilities of parenthood. This is one of those things that I believe made his lyrics so mature at the time of writing. In 1983, we were so young, single, and carefree; while Stuart was a man who had become weighed down with the responsibilities that come with having children. I can feel his loneliness, his homesickness, in a lot of the words he conjured up post, ‘The Crossing.’ I am glad for the time we spent together, when he was alive.
Tonight, Rob Steffen has volunteered to run the LHS drive, and did a great job adding 22 people to the list. Unfortunately, he had to leave, as the last chord of ‘In A Big Country’ faded away on the stage. I grabbed my LHS combat jacket from the dressing room, and ran out to the booth, and managed to personally sign up an extra seven people to the list. It was a rewarding experience, as every single person counts. It is also such a great way to interact with fans, who have been coming to see me perform year after year.
There was girl who came over, and said she wanted to give back some of her DNA. She said it was because of all the music I had given to her life. It’s times like this when you can understand what success is, and realize that it’s not measured by an award, or a gold disc, but in the simplicity of a few words from someone who has carried and cared for the music I have helped to bring into the world. You can’t ask for more than that.
 LHS Donor Drive - Solano Beach

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One thought on “Solano Beach – June 19

  1. Mike, I was I’m line in Solano Beach after this photo was taken. You graciously signed my cd as it was my birthday. However, I left disappointed that I had not decided to get on the list…so I came to Capistrano enjoyed the show and walked out the door again. I sat in my car and I could hear my dads (who died of cancer) voice telling me “get on the list!” I walked back in, asked a few questions and then you said “get on the list” and this time I did. Thank you Mike for encouraging me/us to get involved to help save lives. I truly hope I can help save somebody’s life. Thank you Mike Peters. You are my an inspiration to me and countless others by your music and your ability to inspire. Love and Life, Mike Starner.

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