Hermosa Beach – June 23

Life is good, and the sun is shining. I’m celebrating my happiness by having a pedicure to get the road out of my feet and also having my clothes cleaned. It’s only a few weeks until Jules and my boys get here on July 13th. Billy Duffy from The Cult comes on to the show tonight. It’s good to see someone from back home even if Billy does live in LA…. (he will always be from back home to me and to himself no doubt). It’s good talking on the bus as we all have a lot in common (not to mention the football). Big Country and The Cult had the same management at one time back in the eighties in Ian Grant and Alan Edwards. Alan Edwards now heads up the Outside Organization and represents the David’s Bowie and Beckham to name but two and was almost The Alarm’s manager but for a strange twist of fate.

Alan Edwards - Outside Organisation

Back in early 1982, The Alarm originally decided to be managed by Alan Edwards and elected to tell Ian Wilson face to face that we were going with Alan (It was tough choice either way). However, when we sat down with Ian we were all too scared to actually tell him that we wanted to go with someone else as The Alarm’s manager so we just went along with all of his ideas and once the meeting was over, we ‘called’ Alan Edwards from a pay phone and told him that Ian Wilson was our manager. I have to say that Alan was really cool about it too! Ian Grant was another kettle of fish all together and a few ‘war stories’ are bandied around to everyone’s amusement. Big Country drummer Mark Brzezicki and Billy have a shared history that goes back to the recording of The Cult’s seminal album ‘Love’ and ‘She Sells Sanctuary’. In 1998, Billy and I started a band called ‘Coloursound’ that remains to this day, one of rock and roll’s best kept secret projects. So much rock and roll infamy on one tour bus!!!


Check it out – Coloursound –  Fade In fade Out Fade Away – Live in London.

Outside the bus and inside St Rocke, the venue is rammed and the stage small and cramped but it’s a mighty show. The audience is more up close and personal than the term implies. I managed to persuade Elliot Jenkins, our erstwhile Love Hope Strength volunteer to make the speech from the stage tonight, and he did brilliant. We run the drive until right after the show again and lots of people signed up to ‘Get On The List.’

Tomorrow is a day off and then I’ll be heading up to Los Angeles.

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Mike Peters appears at House of Commons for Marrow Drive to Celebrate Parliament Increasing Eligibility Requirements of Donors in the UK from 17-30 to 17-55 years of age BBC News

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