Oceanside – June 24

The problem with being an international social media conscious twitterer, instagrammer, website updating facebook posting, blog writing mover and shakerer (or in other words – a musician in the modern era), demands that you have to spend so much time on updates that your life starts to become that of a news reporter / cameraman / photographer / newscaster / producer and network executive all rolled into one. There are so many emails that I have to deal with today plus all the aforementioned updating that my day off is over before it has begun. I had every intention of heading to Hollywood today but time got the better of me, not too mention calling home and catching up on all the family activity (always the best part of the day and the reason FaceTime / Skype and vibe were invented for in my opinion).

Phew…. I remember when days off where exactly that – days off…. nowadays you don’t get an hour off without the phone ringing or the laptop message centre churning out reminders that you can’t help but read. On the Big Country tour bus, we even send emails from the front lounge to the back. Sometimes, across the aisle as we sit opposite each other but mostly though it’s across the continent or at least over the state borders. It’s an amazing world we live in and I don’t know how we survived without the internet. I’m really soaking up all the changes right now and embracing what I feel is a different America to the one I’ve inhabited since first coming here in 1983.

I took a call from James Chippendale with the news that we have just received permission from Robert Plant (Led Zeppelin), to host drives on his USA tour starting at The Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles tomorrow night. Phones are on speed dial between where I am, Colorado and Texas. Some rearranging of schedules is called for, and when I looked up at the time, it was 4 o’clock in the afternoon and my plans to head for Hollywood go up in smoke!

Mike Peters and James Chippendale

Photo – James Chippendale and I at Vail Rocks 2013

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