Los Angeles – June 26

Big day ahead.

James Chippendale pulled up to the hotel and took me to a meeting with Rob Dillman (who manages The Fixx and Psychedelic Furs amongst others). Rob has been a friend of our family for a long time now. He was very supportive of me while I was on tour with The Alarm and Psychedelic Furs in 2004, and had to go home for the premature birth of my son, Dylan.

I was on the tour bus when Jules called me and said, “Are You Sitting Down?”

“I’m lying down,” I said (I was asleep on the tour bus at the time…).

“My waters have broken and Dylan is on his way,” said Jules calmly. “You had better come home.”

Pow! Just like that. Next thing I know, I’m up and directing the bus driver to get to the airport. Luckily, he had just gone past Houston Airport. Before I had time to think, I was in the sky and heading for home. Rob Dillman, The Psychedelic Furs, and the guys in The Alarm were fantastically understanding, and so began my new life as a dad! We had lunch at a restaurant in Beverley Hills and began to catch up on the state of the music industry. Rob was very perceptive.

From there, James and I meet up with Stash Silonski and Russ Kendall (Russ directed the documentary Mike Peters – The Song That Changed My Life’ documentary) at Swingers coffee shop, on Beverley.

We were thrashing out details and timelines for the production… (I was secretly online catching up on the transfer news at manutd.com). It was all heady stuff and soon we were joined by Shannon and Jeremy Henn from Love Hope Strength USA (who run the Colorado office and all things LHS).

Love Hope Strength Movie Production Meeting

Eventually we all left for The Shrine Auditorium and the Robert Plant show. It was a huge 6,500 capacity venue and is home to the Oscar ceremonies.

Mike Peters Shrine Auditorium

Once we got all of the correct accreditation to get into the gig, we all interacted with the audience, in hopes of encouraging people to sign up for the marrow registry. I met all kinds of people, from celebrities like Phil Chen (who was Rod Stewart’s bass player). Mark Brzezicki and Phil have both played on Pete Townshend of The Who’s solo albums, although they have never met before (They both feature on tracks from White City but not at the same time…. ).

Mark Brzezicki Phil Chen Mike Peters

I also met Michael Des Barres (who was in Silverhead… I loved his album ’16 and Savaged’ when I was a kid). On his business card he describes himself as an Exhibitionist.

Michael Des Barres Mike Peters

Photo – MP with Michael Des Barres (Exhibitionist)


There was a lot of Alarm fans there tonight, some who recognized me, and also some Big Country fans who have been at the recent shows. It was very sociable and a lot of people signed up. The hardest part is telling someone who is interested that they are too old, which happens quite a lot with this audience, but they all go away determined to get their kids or there children’s children to register. It all counts.

Mike Peters Oli Powell

Photo – MP with Oli Powell (RP Production Manager)
Wayne Mike Peters

Photo – MP with Native Wayne Jobson Indie 103.1 DJ


Photo – MP with Russ Kendall (Director of Kaleidoscope Pictures)

Love Hope Strength Crew

Photo – Love Hope Strength Crew

We also got to see some of the show. Robert Plant has an incredible presence on stage, especially with that instantly recognizable voice of his. I love the way it is so relaxed yet powerful. After the show, I was invited to have a photo taken with the great man and present him with a leather Love Hope Strength wristband. What a day…….

Robert Plant Mike Peters

Photo – Robert Plant and MP

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Mike Peters appears at House of Commons for Marrow Drive to Celebrate Parliament Increasing Eligibility Requirements of Donors in the UK from 17-30 to 17-55 years of age BBC News

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