Napa – June 29

I got a text message from Nigel Phillips (Nigel twist to you old school Alarm fans), he was coming to the show tonight and needed a pass for the guest list. I texted him back and asked if he wanted to jump up for a song with us? I spent most of today editing a Big Country video which premieres on July 4th. It was shot at Baby Rock in Arizona, which is close to the four corners region. We made the film ourselves by using a combination of iPhone, Cameras and Go Pro’s. It looks pretty good, if I say so myself.

Location, location, location is what makes it though. We have been putting together a self-produced documentary about Big Country’s Journey tour in North America, and I’m sure the fans will enjoy it when it comes into the public domain.


Napa is a beautiful little town, lots of antiques and laid back atmosphere. The Uptown Theatre staff are so friendly and accommodating bringing us ice and drinks for the tour bus. We are playing with Berlin tonight (yes…. ‘You take my breath away’ Berlin), and because they have a female lead singer who needs a separate dressing room, we elect to use the tour bus rather than all cram into one room with the guys from Berlin. As nice as they we don’t think they will quite get the accents and kilts that go into a Big Country pre-show vibe. As usual, I run out onto the stage to announce the presence of the Love Hope Strength booth in the ‘Courtyard Cafe’. The venue is full which is a good sign. It’s a seated audience tonight and a beautiful room. My phone goes with another text alert. It’s from Nigel saying he can’t make it after all as his ride has dropped out. Never mind… maybe next time.
Back on the bus we are all dressed and ready to go. The five-minute call comes through and we step onto the side-walk…. Bruce Watson says the front of the venue is as cool as the inside and so we decide to get a photo of us at the front of the gig (much to the bemusement of the fans who are pulling in at this last-minute), “let’s go on stage through the auditorium” shouts one bright spark and so as the intro tape plays ‘Flower of Scotland”, Big Country walk down the aisles to the stage. What a fantastic gig it was tonight. A standing ovation and an amazing atmosphere generated.
Big Country - Uptown Theatre, Napa, Califormia
No time to bask in the glory for me though, its combat jacket on and out to the LHS booth (which is being manned by KC and Brian from Marmot). The booth is running at full capacity tonight as cheeks are swabbed, forms are filled and people registered to THE LIST. By the time Berlin hit the stage it’s all over and time to pack everything away.
Get On The List - Napa - Big Country
After the show we attend a venue organised meet and greet for some of the patrons of the Theatre and we meet Terri Nunn and her band who are all gracious and friendly people. I get to meet Richard Hawkins (from Wales now resident in the US), who is the sound engineer for Berlin and also Gene Loves Jezebel who I toured with in 1999 on the ‘Resurrection’ tour along with the Mission UK. You can’t go anywhere these days……
Mike Peters - Terri Nunn

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