Eureka – June 30

I’m not really sure where we are today. I woke up on the tour bus at a surprise destination organised by Jan our tour manager. It’s a campsite in the middle of the redwood forest near Eureka apparently. There’s not a lot to do here, so that’s exactly what I aim to do. I got to catch up on my blog writing and tried to get on the internet, but it was not really working.

I had a good chat with James Chippendale on the phone, but I had to walk for about a quarter of a mile to find a signal. I had to do a radio station interview at 10:58 precisely in the evening live on air. I walked out under the night sky to talk about The Alarm, Big Country and Love Hope Strength. It’s all good but I had no idea where the radio station is… somewhere in LA, apparently. It was cool though and luckily the guys were very informed. I sat by the campfire for the rest of the evening and wondered where my little boys were at that moment in time… probably just about to wake up and head for school.

Beautiful night sky full of stars….

Mike Peters - Eureka, California

Big Country Tour Dates 

Be a Donor-Get On The List! Campaign 

Love Hope Strength 

The Alarm Official Web site 

Love Hope Strength Video Trailer See the video here

Mike Peters appears at House of Commons for Marrow Drive to Celebrate Parliament Increasing Eligibility Requirements of Donors in the UK from 17-30 to 17-55 years of age BBC News

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