Aspen – July 11

It’s another beautiful day although my phone is off the hook with Love Hope Strength related phone calls. The bus has had to go to be fixed and so we have the morning to ourselves and Julie Lampton kindly takes me on the Gondola to the top of Aspen Mountain for lunch. It’s spectacular.

Mike Peters Aspen, Colorado

The bus comes back and is ready for the next leg of our Journey to Texas… This is what I have been waiting for since we got here because Texas today means Jules, Dylan and Evan arrive on Saturday 13th into Austin….. only two sleeps to go!!

On the road we experience the first rain since New York at the beginning of the tour. It’s a proper thunderstorm and while we stop for dinner at a truck stop south of Denver a huge explosion of lightning takes out all the lights and power. It also takes out the windscreen wipers on our bus so we can’t go anywhere and also blows out the air conditioning unit….. It’s always fun fun fun on the road with a rock and roll band!!

Mike Peters – The Song That Changed My Life Documentary

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Mike Peters appears at House of Commons for Marrow Drive to Celebrate Parliament Increasing Eligibility Requirements of Donors in the UK from 17-30 to 17-55 years of age BBC News

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