Dallas – July 15

Early start at 7am but no problem for the Peters family who have not had time to consider such things as jet lag. The boys are fantastic and used to a life with a mum and dad who always have ‘stuff’ going on. Today’s ‘stuff’ involves a television appearance on the early morning KDTV channel’s Texas Daily show.
James Chippendale and I are the special guests along with the one time ‘fastest man in the world’ Michael Johnson. I can’t resist getting my photo taken with the great athlete and my kids are quite taken with him too “Is he faster than Usain Bolt?” says Evan.
Michael Johnson Mike Peters Dylan Peters Evan Peters
I have to sing a version of ‘Strength’ which I sing in Ab minor as it’s a little early for full on rock and roll singing and although I’m awake my singing voice is still half asleep.
Mike Peters Texas Daily
We are interviewed by four US women and it’s a lot like being on ‘Loose Women’ in the UK.
The Texas Daily
photo copy 11
After the show, it’s back to the hotel for a meeting with a literary agent named David Hale Smith from Inkwell Literary Agency who has approached me (through James), to talk about doing a book based on my experiences. It’s a really good meeting, and I feel comfortable in David’s presence. David has actually climbed Mt. Snowdon so that’s pretty cool in my book (excuse the pun). We talk through some ideas and ways forward and before you can say ‘new chapter’, it’s time to head back to Austin for the ‘sold out’ solo show at the Listening Roon at Winflo on 6th street in Austin.
The traffic is terrible again and we only just make it before the doors open to set up. My dressing room is an old Airstream caravan which is very cool indeed.
Mike Peters Airstream
It’s another night to benefit Love Hope Strength and there are some great people in attendance. The evening begins with a talk about the charities origins from James and I followed by a solo acoustic set that tells the story of my battle with cancer from 1995 onwards. It turns out to be a very emotional night.
Mike Peters James Chippendale
Jules and the kids are sat beside the stage but the boys are fast asleep before I had sung the first song. I’ve never played a show like it before and it is quite draining to go back through the details of the scary situations Jules and I found ourselves in that are the foundations of Love Hope Strength. To close the show I invited James back onto the stage again thanked him for his kindness to my family in our hours of need. We said our goodbyes for now and boarded the tour bus bound for Nashville, TN.

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