Provo – July 09

Day two in the Kendall residence and we are up early and driving into town. Russ asks me questions about my life with The Alarm and we get to talking about ‘VH1 Band’s Reunited’. It was quite a programme to be involved in and Russ is interested to hear how we were ‘set up’ by VH1 in advance.

I spend some time in one of the edit suites with the team and we take pictures and work out some plans and deadlines to aim for.

Mike Peters - Kaleidoscope

Mike Peters - Kaleidoscope Picture

Russ and I go for dinner together and on the way home Russ takes me on the scenic route via Bridal Vale which features a spectacular Waterfall complete with jumping fish where the river hits valley floor. It’s straight to bed when we finally reach the house my wake up call is set for 3:00 AM.

Mike Peters - Bridal Vale, UT

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