Aspen – July 10

It’s a surreal morning… at 4.00 AM we are sat waiting for the Amtrak train to pull into Provo.

Mike Peters Amtrak California Zephyr

There is no station just a covered shelter. All of a sudden a huge train pulls into view with the unmistakeable sound of the California Zephyr’s low bell softly ringing to herald it’s arrival. We climb out of the car and Russ and I bid each other well (Russ ls heading for Italy on another film production he has in the works), and I board the train bound for Glenwood Springs, Colorado.

Mike Peters Russ Kendall

I have booked myself a sleeper room on this huge juggernaut of a train and am shown to my bed. I manage to get some sleep until the early morning light and heat wakes me up for breakfast at 6:30. As much as I like talking to strangers who mistake me for Rod Stewart =;-), I head back to bed for some more sleep.

Mike Peters California Zephyr

There are some beautiful views from the panoramic windows and I know for a lot of people (like my father-in-law Peter), this would be a dream come true just as I realise and appreciate how lucky I am to be able to enjoy these experiences.

Mike Peters California Zephyr

California Zephyr

At precisely 12:10 I arrive on time at Glenwood Springs to be picked up by Julie Lampton (Jules 2), who Jules (Jules 1), and I met together on Love Hope Strength’s Kilimanjaro Rocks adventure back in 2009 (I first met Julie (Jules 2), on Everest Rocks in 2007). Julie whisks me off into the Rockies in her open top car and we pull into places like ‘Woody Creek’ famed as the watering hole of choice for one Hunter S. Thompson.


Aspen is our destination and what a beautiful place it is. We meet up with Rob Rushing, Bekki and Randy who are helping run the donor drive tonight and together we all pile into the Love Hope Strength camouflage mini (that was donated by Schomp of Denver), and drive up to Maroon Bells to visit one of the most photographed and visited viewing points in America. The water is so still and reflects the beauty back from above.

Mike Peters Maroon Bells, Colorado

Upon arrival at the famous ‘Belly Up’, I notice that our tour bus is in a state of total disarray as we have faulty brakes and flat tyres…. The Journey is taking it’s toll on our means of transport that’s for sure. I get another surprise when my phone goes off with a text message from Taylor Hawkins of the Foo Fighters. He wants to come to the show…. !!

Mark Brzezicki gets the same text and is very excited. We both met Taylor at Oxegen Festival in Ireland a couple of summers ago in 2011. He is a self confessed Big Country and Alarm fan. The gig is another stormer and afterwards at the donor booth I am accosted by Taylor singing “Sixty Eight Guns Will Never Die”……what a night!!!!!!

Mike Peters Rob Rushing Taylor Hawkins

Mike Peters Big Country Belly Up Aspen

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